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AMA GUARD is an effective and affordable private security services company. Our services include foot guard patrols, fire watch and parking enforcement, which can be provided as a standalone service or combined for a customized security solution.

AMA GUARD Private Security is a licensed, bonded, and insured private patrol operator. We can serve clients in a diverse cross-section of industries, including but not limited to corporate offices, retail stores, medical facilities, homeowner associations/gated communities, shopping centers, financial institutions, and private venues.  

We offer superior unarmed standing guards, event security, lock up and alarm, fire watch, and parking enforcement services. In addition, all of our security services include day-to-day operations support and resources such as cutting edge technology and processes, knowledgeable personnel, and management team focused on your account. We make the security of our clients and their property our number one priority.

Toward that end, all of our security guards and officers undergo a careful selection process that includes extensive screening, in addition to special training in customer service, interpersonal communication, health and safety (including first aid and CPR,) and the most up-to-date security management practices.

At AMA GUARD our clients can expect our standing guards to use the industry's best methods to effectively protect, secure, and safeguard private properties as well as its inhabitants and any high-value belongings. Standing guards are unarmed, but all are trained to carefully watch for and respond to a wide variety of circumstances, such as theft, trespassing, violence, vandalism, and other unwanted activities.

They can be hired for a limited or ongoing assignment and work any time of day or night. Call today to learn more. No matter what type of property you need guarded, its unique vulnerabilities, and your specific preferences, we can create a customized standing guard security plan to meet your needs and budget.

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  1. Detection
    We are constantly on alert for any unsafe conditions and potential threats.
  2. Prevention
    We take all necessary measures to minimize and eliminate your exposure.
  3. Protection
    We implement procedures and protocols specifically for your account to handle undesirable circumstances.
"Service is our passion and safety is our goal."

Alex Menendez, President of AMA GUARD

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